Play the Game   The game has finally reached the stage of being feature-complete and playable across all devices. The […]
  Play this Version Given difficulties using the drag-to-play dynamics on touchscreens, I was curious how difficult this would be, […]
  Play this Version   The initial game messaging was provided in console logging, I told SwiftCoder messages need to […]
Play this Version   I wanted to begin to shape the user experience and set a visual hierarchy for the […]
This is the foundation for the Coding Partner I was building.  I was able to use ChatGPT 3.5 to set […]
  Play this Version   Thanks to 5G cell service I spent 4 hours debugging the game while we drove […]
I was able to use ChatGPT 3.5 to set up SwiftCoder, while I waited for access to the more advanced […]
Play this Version   I spent a morning working with SwiftCoder to implement a strategy to I had to create […]
Play this Version   Just in time for my daughter’s 5th birthday, I got a version on the web so […]
I was kind of shocked when I asked SwiftCoder to consider an approach to fixing a persistent attempt-counting issue that […]
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