I pair Design with boundless curiosity to solve my clients’ most pressing needs

I used ChatGPT to code an app concept I first sketched out in 2014. It is built using Javascript, a programming language I had no prior experience with

A website design to introduce a new product to the world. I also defined and refined product research and developed primary user personas

A mobile app designed to deliver convenience, speed, and flexibility not found in competing movie theater apps


Scott brings a unique level of energy and engagement to each of his project commitments. His well-developed interpersonal skills encourage team interaction and typically engender a very positive team spirit. He dives into each task with an enthusiastic and intense focus which can be infectious.

Scott is a spirited, rapidly evolving architect that seems to bring his positive energy to most things he does, making him an excellent addition to any project team.

Geoff Walters

Director of Quality, CannonDesign

Scott is an incredibly well-rounded architect, designer, and manager. I am constantly impressed by his ability to look at the big picture of a design while simultaneously breaking it down into manageable parts and addressing the minute details of design and construction. He works hard to maintain the design intent of a project while also balancing the technical and financial requirements.

Scott’s level of experience as a project architect through all phases of design and construction combined with his patience to explain concepts and processes make him an excellent mentor and manager. With his positive attitude and strong communication skills, he is a valuable team member for both projects and office culture, and I’ve greatly enjoyed working with him.

Marion Lawson

Project Architect at SMNG A Ltd.

In my time working with Scott at CannonDesign, he has brought a wealth of knowledge from his experience to the project team. His foresight on design and problem-solving capabilities are superior. Scott is highly motivated and works well within a team environment. He can adapt and jump right into any situation that is presented to him. Having Scott on your team would be a valuable asset to any company.

Jeremy Dwyer

Associate Vice President, Architect at CannonDesign

Scott is an incredible architect whose work ethic and dedication stands out. In my time working with Scott he was a great partner and collaborator for a very large and technical project. I was thoroughly impressed by his leadership, organization, and his ability to approach a large problem in a very concise and organized manner. Scott takes an ownership and proudness in his work that I greatly appreciated, and it overall contributed to the success and timeliness of the project.

As an engineer, I found that his knowledge of our expertise far surpassed the norm in the A/E industry as an architect and it speaks to the investment he puts into his work. Scott will always be a valuable asset and a source of success in any role.

Ted Dodas

Mechanical Engineer and Project Lead – IMEG Corp