My passion is uncovering users’ needs, discovering their aspirations – then designing products that balance the two

I enjoy the challenge of pairing a design goal with the right engagement strategy to unlock meaningful insights from the users.

In my previous roles as both project manager and project architect, I helped define the relevant user groups and led those groups through the workshops or survey design I designed for their unique needs.

The Unique Perspective I Bring to Your Design Team


I give clients a glimpse into their potential future and reveal opportunities to achieve their broader objectives, while honoring the smallest details of their user’s experience 

Goal Discovery

I am expert at evaluating complex dynamics and guiding stakeholders through evaluation of potential options to narrow a project’s focus and drive the largest user impact


I draw inspiration from a wide range of sources, often developing new skills to expand my creative possibilities, or to improve a design process for my team in service to our users

Business Acumen

I bring years of filtering design goals through the realities of a projects’ business lens, and helping clients, design teams and stakeholders evaluate and implement their options

I explore new technologies to expand my creative opportunities

Starting the UX chapter of my career in 2023 opened up a world of possibilities through AI tools that simply weren’t imagined possible before. 

For the past 25 years, I’ve explored new tools and media to improve presentations, streamline workflows, and enhance outputs. An embrace of new technologies is core to my process.

Having AI built into the underlying framework of so many design tools, and exploring their strengths and limitations has been supremely exciting.

At heart, I am a creator in search of new ways to express an idea, tackling projects at the intersection of curiosity, passion and expertise. 

I am most excited as I explore AI Agent workflows that combine the creative outputs from several AI apps to create complex, highly automated workflows that still allow for meaningful design input. 

Visualizing the Story of Design

For 15 years I have leveraged these fundamental techniques to effectively communicate design progress and elicit meaningful insights

Changing Lenses

Design requires compromise and careful consideration throughout the process to give voice to those stakeholders not at the table

Clarifying Data

Data gains value when it can be evaluated for a specific insight, and then carefully filtered and curated for stakeholders

Providing Context

Answering important design questions is best informed by context tailored to a project’s goals, unlocking its greatest impact

Showing the Ideas

When stakeholders can see and respond to the same information, we gain immediate access to their perceptions and experiences

Anticipating user needs continues through final steps of every project

Bringing a product to life brings countless opportunities to evaluate and iterate as design goals meet technical challenges

The collaboration between designers, users and the teams building the product all continue in earnest through its final execution and delivery.

Insightful, creative solutions in a projects final stages can yield great dividends if they are balanced with the near- and long-term impact to the users.

Workshops and presentations that occur later in the process create opportunities for these important course-corrections.